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Resume Barbara Dauwe

Barbara Dauwe

• Born: 1971-06-09

• Type: European

• Abilities: theatre, directing, text writing,

dancing, singing, music, team management, creativity,

adaptation, care for people, spirit of initiative and


• First language: French

• English (B1) and Dutch (B1)

• Address: 5 avenue Princess Josephine Charlotte

• 1410 Waterloo - Belgium

• Mobile: 0476/23.51.52

• B and CE license

diplomas and qualifications

Main Training

- 1986-89: Academy in Dramatic Art (M. de Warzee) and in Declamation (A. Schierer)

- 1989-90: IAD-Théâtre (G.Vivane, J.Godinas, JH Marchant, G.Marti)

- 1990-93: Royal Conservatory of Brussels in Dramatic Art (A. Debaar) and in Declamation

(C. Kleinberg)

- 2012: Post Graduate in Buddhist Philosophy and Ethics (Higher Institute of Buddhism)

- 2013: Training of Buddhist Counselor in the Palliative Care Sector

- 2013: Conflict management for children aged 3 to 12

- 2014: Technical Training in Storytelling with Stephane Van Hoecke (Context asbl)

- 2014-2015: Training in Relaxotherapy (Practitioner)

- 2014-2015: AMT Mindfulness educator training for children (Eline Snel)

- 2015: Training: Basics of Development (Technobel)

- 2015: InDesign training (Ifosup)

- 2016: Training in Dutch A2 - B1

- 2017: Management training (Créajob)

Additional training

-Sport: Horse riding, Fencing, Argentine Tango.

-Music: Good notions in Classical singing and others, Music theory, Piano, Guitar, Recorder, Tin

Whistle, diatonic accordion, viola da gamba. Sound engineering experience.

-Internships: Capoiera, Argentine Tango, Dance-theatre, Contemporary Dance, Masks (Commedia and

Balinese) and clown with Serge Poncelet (ex-Théâtre du Soleil) in Paris and Brussels, Topeng

traditional with Master I Made Djimat in Bali, Training of the actor (F.Baal), Yoshi Oida, Accordion


- 1992: Internship at the Théâtre du Soleil directed by Ariane Mnouchkine

- 1994: Course on the dramaturgy of Shakespeare directed by P . The rock

- 1995: Workshop on Shakespeare directed by Terry Hands (Royal Shakespeare Company)

- 1999 to 2001: Stage masks and Clows with Serge Poncelet (Yunke theatre)

- 2002: Theater dance course with Mira Vanden Bosch

- 2003: Acrobatic movement training with Jacqueline Gosselin from the DynamO theater of


-2005: Internship in front of the camera with Fabrice du Welz

- 2011-15: Theatrical fencing with Frédéric Trin (Compagnie La Bottesecret- Paris)

-2015: Base of Development (Technobel)

Professional experience


- 1991-92: "Coralline or the vindictive woman" by Goldoni, directed by A.Debaar (Théâtre de

the staircase)

- 1992: Belgian improvisation league

- 1992: "Les Reines" by N. Chaurette, directed by JM. Favorin (Theater of Quat' Sous)

- 1991-93: "Commedia all'improvisio" conducted by J. Kroever

- 1992-94: "L'Avare" by Molière, Directed by A. Debaar (Festival de Spa, Théâtre de la Valette,

Blocry Theater (LLN), Brussels (Salle St Michel) & tours...

- 1994-95: "Les Fourberies de Scapin" by Molière, directed by H Rolland (Théâtre de la Vie,

Botany & Belgian-French-Swiss tours)

- 1995-99: "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by Shakespeare, directed by Nele Paxinou by Les Baladins

of the Mirror (198 performances: Belgian-French tour including the Spring of comedians in Montpellier,

Paris at the Théâtre du Soleil at the Cartoucherie, Avignon...)

- 1998-99: "La Balade du grand macabre" by Ghelderode by the Baladins du Miroir (assistantship at the

director and musician)

- 2005-06: Meunier des fonds de Quarreux and Noël des gueux (Les royales marionnettes) – miscellaneous

festivals (Lyon- Aurillac- Charleville…) and Franco-Belgian Tour

- Show by a collective of artists from Tourinnes-La-Grosse on the occasion of the feasts of Saint

Martin: 2006: "Tribute to Julos Beaucarne" - 2007: "Tribute to Claude Rahir" - 2008: theme

around water “H2O” -2009: Tribute to Max van der Linden: “Cheramiqui”

- 2016: "My Body is a Palace" musical storytelling show with Yves Michaux creation Arbre à


- 2018: "Relache" Eric Satie for Logos Foundation (Dance and Actress) choreography Jean Vinclair

Animation - project creation and communication

-1991-93: Animator-theatre at the children's company "La Ribambelle"

-2001-03: Theater host in schools for the 4 Mains theater in collaboration with

Pierre Lambotte.

-2001-02: Facilitator of teenage classes at the Théâtre des 4 Mains

-2002: Conference on theater for children in special education (type 5 and 8)

-2002-03: Training for teachers on the caricatural body.

-2003-12: Theater course in Martinrou for 8-20 year olds

-2004: Theater course for children aged 8-12 for the L'Arbre à Plumes theater

-2003-13: Animator-theatre in schools for the Feathered Tree

-2008: Animator-theater for ITC (Summer internships)

-2012-2014: Multi-cultural facilitator at Tilt Belgium

-2015: Help with communication management (website, emailing, newsletters, writing and

promotion) at UBB.

-2015 -2016: Creation of the publishing house "L'Edition L'Arbre à Plumes" (contract management

commercial, accounting, press relations and communication)

-2018- 2019: Coordination of the Festival Now! Edition 2018 & Edition 2019

Directing and writing for young audiences and illustration for young people.

-2001-02: "Karl Valentin", "the Wizard of Oz", "Listening at the gates" by Claude Ponti, "the

Wolf and income” and “the sentimental wolf”, “the Magic Flute” adaptation of P. Coran for the

4 hands theater

-2002-03: Creation of 2 shows on the theme of “Simon the fever” Théâtre des 4 Mains “

the Flying Country” and “The Agitators”

-2003-04: Creation of 3 shows on the theme of "Journey to the edge of infinity" by Julos

Beaucarne: “Travel Diaries”, “Balinese Theatre” and “Paradise on Earth”

- 2004-05: Creation of 2 shows on the theme of the "human revolution": "The king at the heart of

stone and with a heart of gold" and "the president with hard thoughts and a tender heart"

- 2005-2006: 1 collective creation "The thousand and one nights" and 1 cabaret of "Karl valentin"

- 2006 - 2007: 2 collective creations on the theme of "The future of our spaceship Earth" The

May 8, 2025 on RT3" & "We are the birds of a new island" Adaptation of the Little Prince by

Saint Exupery

-2007-2008: "The wolf is back" by Georges de Pennart, "The Wall" Adaptation of "Frontière Nord"

" By Suzanne Lebeau, "Tous en Piste" Atelier de Clowns and 2 musicals "Cosmic Puzzle"

& "At the corner of my suburb", "The magic sword" (Creation)

– 2008: internship at Martinrou for teenagers aged 15 to 19 on Shakespeare – extract from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream

summer »

- 2008-2009: collective creation "Journey to the Land of Great Values" - work on the rights of

the child and animation of workshops for children from 5 to 12 years old

- 2009-2010: collective creation "La vie, c'est la vie" - staging "Opera panic" by A.

Jodorowski – Clown work - adaptation of Roal Dahl's "Big Big Giant" (at the level

primary)- shadow theater "Roman de Reynart" and various plays for teenagers (section

secondary)-"A crime in the palace" detective creation for young audiences. (Extracurricular workshop)

- 2009: "The crossing of 40 lights" creation aid to the staging for the 40th anniversary of

the International School of Aquarius.

- 2009-12: Workshops for primary and secondary at the International School of Aquarius + School

Autonomous fundamental of the French Community of Hamme-Mille

- July 2011: Shakespeare Martinrou course (The Tempest) teenager + adults

- 2015: Artistic conception and coordination of the Buddhist cultural festival for the UBB

- 2014-15: Writing and illustration of the youth album "Mon Corps est un palais" (Publication

January 2016)

- 2016: Dance show “Souffle” choreography by Jean Vinclair music by Jeux Dietrich.

- 2016-2017: Illustration and graphic design adult philosophical tale by AnneCatherine Sabas "Under

the Tree » Publication 2019

- 2018: Writing and Illustration of the Tale "The Ephemeral Tree" for the Main Festival!

Television- Voice– Photo

- 1990: dramatic fiction for the radio directed by M.Carmele

- 1990: Presentation of the news on Radio Antipode (LLN)

- 1991: Work as an actor for "le point de la médecine" and "Double 7" for RTBF and for

Key News

- 1991: Reading-show of texts by Francis Dannemark for Radio Air Libre and Télé Bruxelles

- 1994: Make-up work for commercials (Photo/C. Goedeke)

- 1993: "Three points of suspension" CM directed by Tom Acar (Festival Babel 2000 and Botanique)

- 2017: "Extase" feature film by Central Dogma directed by André Ciffuntes and Linda Jousset


-1991: CM for the agronomic faculty of Gembloux directed by S.Carpiaux (prod. To do today)

-1991: CM "The green spaces of Brussels" directed by I.Draux (prod. Polygone)

-1991: CM "Walloon specialties" directed by S.Dauwe (prod. Videocom)

-2008: Internet advertisement For complementary insurance companies.


-1993: Musical creation and interpretation of "Le Soleil et le Mousquetaire" by R. Swennen at the

Stavelot Festival

- 1995: collaboration on the disc "Inilïeïs" by Jean-Luc Dietrich composed for the "Songe d'une nuit

d'été " of the Baladins du Miroir (Singing, accordion, sound recording, graphics, etc...)

-1996-97: "Ahn Oman" (concert) musical creation by Jean-Luc Dietrich European tour

(Belgium, France, Denmark,...)

- 1998-99: "La Balade du grand macabre" by Ghelderode by the Baladins du Miroir (Viole de

gamba and keyboards)

- 2010 - 2011: “From Roland to Eugène” directed by Septet jazz Summer Residence with

Bernard Guyot and Charles Loos Creation at the Théâtre du Méridien.

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