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"My Body is a Palace" is a Buddhist tale about the human spirit 
written and illustrated by Barbara Dauwe
preface by Philippe Cornu 
with the support of the Union Bouddhique Belge 


Once upon a time, there was one of the children of Mother Earth. A little prince who so badly wanted all living beings to be happy and who is called  often Shakyamuni.  Once upon a time, very close to here , one of the innumerable children of this prince.   A little prince who became king. It could just as well have been a little princess who became a queen. This queen or king may be you. Of course, as a king, it makes sense that you have a magnificent palace: your body!


At the heart of your Palace, hides a treasure: room 9.


ISBN:  9 789 082 48140 2

Edition: The Feathered Tree _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d

Price €14.95 including tax


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