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This is Naked Calligraphy 

Don't hesitate! Don't be ashamed! Throw yourself at it without any fear! Calligraphy that hides nothing. It's been over 20 years that I started calligraphy, and I've been fighting against myself ever since. 

I've continued calligraphy growing with each little step I take, and when I stop and look at my work, it's helpful. It's always a turning point. 

When I look at my calligraphy, I feel as if time has stopped and I'm in a void. I'm fighting alone and I enjoy it. I'll continue doing calligraphy for the rest of my life. Also, I become stronger through the process of meeting and saying goodbye to people because, it focuses me on my calligraphy. People who haven't lost anything try to protect it, but people who have lost something are ready to fight for it. Fight, that's “throwing yourself at it without any fear!” Humans and calligraphy are crude, but as long as it's the best place for me to be, I'll continue to draw raw calligraphy, There is my calling (what I'm called to do, the best for me, a mission I must complete), what I must do, it's life to me.


 Respectfully Yours, Sanmu Kunisada -

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