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Showzi Tsukamoto

Artist and Master of Kintsugi

Showzi Tsukamoto is a Maki-e master and an award-winning metal sculptor by the LVMH Foundation. He worked for the biggest houses, especially for the Chanel house in Tokyo for which he made a table in Kintsugi for the Behappy room. He is also a designer of art jewelery made from the most precious materials. 

Tea master, he spent 50 years of his life studying  Urushi lacquer, the Maki-e technique and the traditional Kintsugi as we have been doing since the 16th century . 

All the exhibits et put on sale  during our exhibition come from thea personal and family collection  of Showzi Tsukamoto.  Ce sont  toutes des céramiques anciennes certifiées datant du 16e au 18 siècle (Edo Period) et réparées à Urushi lacquer and 24k fine gold by the Kintsugi technique.

For all questions concerning the acquisition of one of these parts, simply click on the available parts and follow the procedure. do not hesitate to contact us paremail.

What is Kintsugi?

The Kintsugi is the Japanese ancestral art which sublimates the cracks of an object with 24k gold powder. It is part of the current of Wabi Sabi by inviting to admire the imperfection of the cracks of this object which then becomes a unique work!

To know more about the history of Kintsugi, watch a video: