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The Feathered Tree 

Art Gallery

Waterloo - Belgium

Crafts and Contemporary Art,

An art at the service of Peace. 

A place for the promotion of Art in all its forms.

Quel public


For collectors and artists and   passionate amateurs

We organize events, exhibitions, shows, meetings in order to create un dialogue between   the artists and the public


Because art can come in all its forms and we are committed to transmitting it

We regularly organize Workshops, evenings, shows, meetings around art. 


Cultural mediation

Because we want art to be shared with all and for all, do not hesitate to contact us for possible ideas of collaboration

Notre histoire

Our history

The Feathered Tree

Created in 2003 by Barbara Dauwe, the association's philosophy is to transmit Art in all its forms in order to support Peace, Dialogue, and the Transmission of Culture. 

To inspire hope, reveal beauty and carry the future. 

2016: The publishing house turns the page towards philosophy, the art of living. 

2017: With Jean Vinclair, Tango, painting and sculpture will merge to become one. 

2018: Opening of the Art Gallery in Sablon

2019-2020:   Beginning of the Kintsugi project: Exhibitions, workshops, conference.

2021: Partnership with the municipality of Waterloo for the implementation of the Nagakute event. 

2022: Great exhibition "The fabulous history of Kintsugi" in the presence of Showzi Tsukamoto in collaboration with the municipality of Waterloo. 

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