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RELAXOTHERAPY® is both a technique working on the body and a structured psychotherapeutic method, of the brief and strategic therapy type.


  • is placed in the current of psychology integrative (we are aiming for a global, multidimensional and evolutionary  person), 

  • strategic therapy (we reveal the relational and communication processes which cause suffering and in which the person locks himself in),

  • brief therapy (we set goals together and propose a framework for change);

  • it aims for the concrete and the pragmatic ,

  • it uses the body to diversify, complete and anchor the therapeutic process of change (essentially through relaxotherapy® but also through other associated techniques). 

    The work is counted in sessions, generally from 5 to 15. Le first interview allows us to clearly define the problem and establish a program together (what to do, with whom, how, etc.).  We focus on the person and we also adapt to their request, so we can also respond to the need for longer therapeutic support._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_










Music therapy 

A musical journey to heal body and mind. 

A vibratory concert to refocus and release emotions, enter deep relaxation and relax in depth. 

in collaboration with Yves Michaux from

the asbl KOMUNECO

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